Friday, May 23, 2008

Penthouse goes after Christian singles?

Tip o' the hat to Wacko for this one. Did you know Penthouse has up a new website for Christian singles? Is it an attempt to diversify the portfolio or get their pornographic foot in the door of the kingdom?

Further testimonial from a fresh-faced woman leaves little doubt as to the site's higher purpose: "I feel like my prayers of finding a respectable man have been answered! Thanks BigChurch!!"

So it may surprise users that has a decidedly promiscuous corporate parent: Penthouse Media Group Inc. At a time when ever-raunchier Internet porn has made such mainstream mags as Penthouse and Playboy seem like throwbacks to more innocent times, these well-established brands have been trying to diversify and reinvent themselves. "If you're looking for adult content today, there are so many more places and many other ways to do that," says David Miller, an industry analyst and managing director at Los Angeles-based Sanders Morris Harris Group. "You can get it over the Internet for free."
Unfair or not. This means there is NO WAY I would ever give this website a try. Porn has destroyed too many lives and relationships for me to risk the fruit of a poisoned tree. Do Mod-Bloggers think that is fair or unfair?

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