Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rest In Peace, T-Mobile Sidekick

It wasn't my first Smartphone - the Kyocera 6035 running PalmOS was that - but the Sidekick may have been the best pre-iPhone smartphone. It provided the killer e-mail experience of a Blackberry at about 1/10th the cost, and also offered excellent texting, good-enough web surfing, and a real App Store years before Apple. It was the T-Mobile Sidekick. And it's best feature was full cloud integration - years before anyone else got it right - your contacts, e-mails, photos, everything was always available online from any computer. But that cloud service goes away starting today, relegating a titan of smartphone usability to being just another Android phone.

Rest in Peace, Sidekick. You will be missed.

iPhone vs Sidekick III


CRCHAIR said...

Having had the Sidekick 1, 2 & 3 I will say that for texting and e-mail it was the best phone out there. If it wasn't for the iPhone, I may still own a sidekick. Too bad Microsoft bought it and basically killed it off.

John Barness said...

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