Saturday, April 16, 2005

On Frist and the Fillibuster

There is an excellent piece up at Vodkapundit concerning the fillibuster issue. The conclusions are right on, religious litmus tests on either side are downright dangerous. The liberals in the Congress have been doing this for years, and while I agree that the Republicans need to bring it to light, I don't think the way they're going about it is the right one.

Also of interest is mention of a Democratic memo that is everything the liberals blasted the Schiavo memo for being. I'm sure we're all SHOCKED that it hasn't been picked-up on by the media.

The "nuclear option" is not the answer. Frist would really be making himself no better than the bigot leftists that he's fighting against. Instead, he needs to organize his party to get the word out and make the Democrats pay at the polls. That's the best victory one can hope for in politics.

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