Monday, September 24, 2007

One Laptop Per Covetous Techie

The $100 Laptop Project to provide students workwide with computers has produced a truly fascinating product. The laptop (turns out to be $188/laptop) is ruggedized, enables mesh networking and wifi, has a battery that can last for far longer than normal, and has a Linux operating system which changes the paradigm for user interface. This has lead to a near-riot of techies eager to get their hands on it. But up until now the Project refused to sell to individuals. But now, they are offering a new 2-for-1-deal, where you buy a laptop for $400 and one is given to a needy child. Very cool/

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CRCHAIR said...

I saw the creator inteviewed on 60 Minutes a month ago. The selling 2 for 1 idea was his way of getting the order numbers large enough to bring down the price per unit more. This does seem like a great idea to me. And it is a way that Americans can show their charitableness while getting something that they want too.