Friday, September 28, 2007

U.S. Navy Spending $600,000 To Change Barracks Layout

The U.S. Navy built some barracks back in 1967. After the groundbreaking, they realized that the shape of the barracks looked like a swastika, but chose to do nothing as the pattern could not be discerned from the ground. Now that the shape has been found by using Google Earth, they will be spending $600,000 to change the layout of the barracks. On the one hand, somebody should have caught this at the blueprint stage. On the other hand, it is not like the U.S. Navy is endorsing Nazism or promoting this as a swastika. What do other Mod-Bloggers think? The swastika is a very clear reminder of an evil regime and $600,000 is pocket change for the government. On the other hand, $600,000 is still $600,000 and could be spent by the Navy on defense or research that will help our troops.


Nomad said...

The navy is doing the right thing now, and did the right thing then. What is done is done, but the swastika is still a living (i.e. active) symbol of hatred and enemies of America. Now that the symbol can be seen by friends and enemies, it is time to deal with it.

Plus, after 30 years, I suspect the barracks needed a refurbishing, anyway.

shadowmom1 said...

I agree that a redesign is needed. With the ability for satellites to see and photograph everything, it makes sense to do it over.