Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HD Resolutions Explained

I don't have an HD TV, so I haven't really looked into what the different resolutions mean before. I found this article over at Wired interesting and informative.


Sean said...

Thanks for posting this, Wedge. I was just thinking about this the other day trying to figure out the difference. Plus it's does a good job of showing how one is better than the other.

Todd said...

I got an LCD 1080p HDTV last December and still love it. Sharp's Aquos are the best LCDs IMHO for the price. With OLED's gradually taking shape in the form of larger screens, and Sony's new 5mm thick screens coming into focus, the field will change again but for now, your best bet is to get a 1080p and futureproof yourself, tho.

Nomad said...

Actually, the advisors I am reading say that 1080p is not likely to be the end of the "high end" development, and that you may be better off going cheaper so you can afford to upgrade to whatever is standard in 2 years when the dust settles.

The LCD HD TV we got is max 720p, but will downgrade automagically from 1080p.