Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MacOS X 10.5 Leopard ships 10/26

It is now official. The next iteration of MacOS X (numbered 10.5, code-named Leopard) is coming to stores October 26. You can pre-order now with free shipping guaranteeing delivery on the release date. Click thru to see all the new features of the new MacOS. Personally, I have already pre-ordered the Family Pack, so I can install it on my multiple Macs and to a family Mac or two as well. (The one downside is Apple officially is abandoning G3 and slow G4 processors with this release. So if you are still using an older iBook, it may be time to invest in new hardware.)


Sean said...

To be clear they're abandoning all G3 computers and G4 computers under 867MHz. So if you have any of the 1GHz+ G4s your computer will work fine with 10.5.

Sean said...

Another note, you will want to upgrade your RAM for this update as it looks to be more memory intensive than the previous version.

I'm getting a new iMac this week, so I'm pretty stoked that I'll probably get a free upgrade to 10.5.