Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maybe This Suggests Something About My Computer Problems

I noticed my laptop was slowing down a bit and hanging here and there so I decided to check on my iStat widget to see how long I had gone without a shut down. 91 days, 15 hours, and 27 minutes uptime. I could have never gotten away with that with any of my older PC laptops...They would have crashed dozens of times in three months. But still, I have to wonder if I don't push my computers a little too hard. Not that I'm going to change my ways or anything, but it could be a part of the problem.

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Nomad said...

Windows 2000/XP is about this stable. And MacOS 9 was about as unstable as Windows (except for Windows ME which holds the prize for MOST unstable until Vista).

It is a much better time to be a computer owner. If you ARE running that long, though, be sure at least once a week to leave your Mac on overnight to run clean-up activities and be sure to back it up at least once a month.