Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Most Fuel Efficient Cars

CRChair and I were talking recently about how despite all the talk about saving money on gas, it is not easy to find even small cars which really get a good MPG (miles per gallon). So I was happy to come across this list which holds the 82 most fuel-efficient cars for sale in America and their MPG rating. I was even more happy to see that the vehicle I chose - the Pontiac Vibe - is #18 on the list.


shadowmom1 said...

the article would not load for me.

Sean said...

plus it was the first 'american' non-hybrid on the list. good job nomad!

we've actually been looking into a civic hybrid for me, so it's nice to see it at the top of the list (#2).

shadowmom1 said...

WHAT?!? The Escalade did not make the list? ;-)
(The page did load on my home computer.)