Thursday, October 25, 2007

November 24: Buy Nothing Day

This post is reporting on a very interesting idea. As a way to recognize the consumerism inherent in the modern American psyche, and perhaps to start reversing irrational shopaholism, they are calling for November 24th (the day after Black Friday) to be "Buy Nothing Day". The idea is to dedicate yourself and your family to consiously spend NO MONEY for 24 hours, to see how hard it is for you, and to see how much materialism has gripped your life.

I find this a really cool idea. Not sure if I can do it on this day, as I will be away on a mini-vacation that day and have to at least "buy" the hotel room. But I might try it for a few days later.


shadowmom1 said...

No way for me. Not on THAT day. I could choose another day, though. (Most of my weekdays are that, anyway, unless I need a grocery or gasoline run.)

Sean said...

About 300 days a year are this way for me, so I think that I'll abstain.