Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Woman Sues Apple Over iPhone Price Drop

This is ridiculous. Dongmei Li is suing Apple for $1 million dollars in compensatory damages plus punitive damages. Why? She doesn't think that it's fair that she bought a 4GB iPhone 3 days after it was released for full price and now Apple isn't selling it so she can't sell it for as much of a profit as she could have. Prices on electronics fall. Yes, it was surprising what Apple did, but they didn't do anything wrong, other than upset people. Even then, they refunded the $200 to anyone who bought the iPhone 14 days before the announcement of the price drop and gave a $100 store credit to anyone who bought the iPhone before that. I can understand being upset, but suing for $1 million+? That's just one more sign of how crazy our country has gotten. I've said this before, the American dream has changed. Instead of work hard and move yourself up the ladder, we've switched to find something to sue for. I hope this woman gets laughed at by the judge and it never even goes to trial.


Sean said...

The risks of being an early adopter are
a) the product will have bugs
b) the product will cost more than it would if you waited a couple of months.

If she didn't know that, then she was dumb and you can't sue someone because you're dumb. I'm sure this suit will find its wait to the circular file in less time than it took me to write this comment.

shadowmom1 said...

I totally agree with Quizwedge. I can't see suing a company because they give customers a nice break. Being the first to have a new gadget is one of the things you pay the big bucks for. She still got that.

Nomad said...

I am reminded of the parable of the Field Owner that Jesus told. He had a field that needed harvesting. He went out at 9 AM and hired a bunch of men at 1 drachma per day. He realized at noon he needed more, and hired more men at 1 drachma per day. He realized at 3 PM that he would not be able to finish on the same day, so he went out and hired more men at 1 drachma per day. At 5 PM (or whatever quitting time was), everyone lined up to get paid, and everyone got 1 drachma for their days work. Those who had been hired at 9 AM grumbled against the owner, because they had been paid the same as those who had worked 2 hours. The owner replied, "Why are you grumbling? Did I not give you EXACTLY what we agreed? Or are you jealous because I am generous?"

Not saying Steve Jobs is Christ-like or anything. But it is the same line of thinking.

shadowmom1 said...

Go Nomad, always with the perfect reference!