Friday, November 02, 2007

New Haven Loses Another Sports Franchise

The New Haven Cutters of the Can-Am independent baseball league have folded their operation. This is the second baseball team and third sports franchise in recent years to either fold or leave New Haven, CT. Nomad, Shadowmom1, and I enjoyed the New Haven Raven's baseball games that we used to go to. I even had been to the minor league hockey team that moved out a few years ago. Lets hope that New Haven's loss is Bridgeport's gain and that the Bluefish can benefit.


Nomad said...

I still really miss the Ravens. That was a great ballpark and a nice way to have a cheap family day out. And the kids loved being able to meet all the players. Even with the "minor league" Bluefish in Bridgeport that is really not always possible.

shadowmom1 said...

And the seats at that park are right up to the field.

The news report said they had great fans and season ticket holders, but could not get enough corporate sponsorship.