Monday, January 14, 2008

AT&T Update

This is an update to the post entitled Why I'm Hating AT&T

I talked to someone in San Diego today. Another person trained in DSL. I called to verify that the DSL shut-off at our old place went through and that the order for our new place was put in the system. I'm glad I called because the system has still not updated. I am now on the escalation team's list, which should hopefully speed things up. I also found out why things take so long: Regulation. Apparently, even though AT&T could get things worked out in a day, they have to purposefully slow down their system to wait two days so that they are operating at the same speed as their competitor. This is even more ridiculous than the time I canceled my long distance service with them and they charged me a fee because the government said they could charge a fee so they have to charge the fee.

Update: See AT&T DSL Is Back Up!

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Nomad said...

I always laugh when the largest kid on the block tries to blame their failings on their competitors or the government. It is hard to be more transparent in your lies - yet they keep trying to shift the blame anyway they can.

Folks, just admit it if you can't do the job, and start trying to figure out how to make it happen.