Monday, January 28, 2008

If Obama is inevitable, what then?

After Obama's landslide victory in South Carolina and his endorsement by the Kennedys, I have started to wonder if history is on the side of the Senator from Illinois. While Democrats and Independents are boarding the Obama train, Republicans are trying to figure out which candidate they dislike the least. Many Conservatives are even considering voting for Obama over the "wrong" GOP candidate.

If - and yes, I know it is WAAAY to early to count out Hillary Clinton, much less John McCain, Mitt Romney, or even Rudy Guiliani - but *if* this is the case, how do Moderates and Conservatives ensure that they have a seat at the table in an Obama White House? Should Republicans look to capitalize on the bad blood with the Clintons? Should they appeal to the legacy of Lincoln? Or should they instead look for a way to inoculate the electorate against his likely policies?

What are your thoughts?


quizwedge said...

This is a good question, I just have no clue. :)

Nomad said...

My own opinion is that the GOP leadership in Congress (especially Senate) should start forming relationships ASAP. They should make it clear that they are ready to work with an Obama Presidency. At the same time, some GOP leaders should start pitching some Republicans for his cabinet - moderates that Obama could work with but people who are not likely to damage future political ambitions. For example, Colin Powell for DHS or Secretary of Defense.