Tuesday, January 08, 2008

McCain wins New Hampshire

Most news organizations are now projecting that John McCain has won the New Hampshire primary. He did so eight years ago, and has shown the depth of his support again in the Granite State. It remains to be seen if this will transform the race from here on out. My own guess is that it only proves there is no real front-runner yet. No Republican has yet to really make the case FOR their presidency, only that there are some we DO NOT want as president.

As of now, the Democratic race is still too close to call.

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Sean said...

What I think this shows is that McCain still has a strong machine in NH. We'll see if that translates to anywhere else, though I doubt it. Romney is bound to win a state or two and Guilliani is working the big delegate states hard.

On a side note, was anyone else surprised that Guiliani did so well in NH despite hardly campaigning there?

I don't think that McCain has the machine in other states or the money to win the nomination.