Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CORRECTED: Obama flirts with greatness, egomania

CORRECTION: Bowhunter is correct. I misheard the quote. I am going to wimp out and blame the fact that I am still recovering from the flu, which may have clogged my ears. Obama does say "I DO NOT want to portray myself as a singular individual." My apologies. - Nomad

Take a look at this clip from an Obama interview earlier today. In it, he calls himself a "singular individual" in the model of Reagan. Someone who can "change the directory of America" in way that Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon could not.

This kind of talk reflects the sense of destiny that Obama feels, and speaks to the possibility of greatness, since this sense may give him the ability to reach across the aisle in ways that Bush never could. On the other hand, it flirts with egomania as Obama almost sounds like the ruler who once proclaimed "I am France!"


BowHunter said...

"He said I DON'T want to portray myself as a singular individual."
Listen again.

I am glad that he thinks he will give more hope and optimism in the vein of Reagan. I just wish his economic polices were more like Clinton.

Nomad said...

I listened again and still don't hear the "DON'T". Maybe CRChair can tell me for sure with his bionic hearing. I could be wrong.

Nomad said...

Never mind. I found a transcript and Bowhunter is right. My apologies. I posted a correction.

Teach me to post a quote-based article when my ears are clogged with phlegm.

CRCHAIR said...

I think Obama SHOULD argue that he is uniquely qualified to change things in America. That is the whole basis of his campaign whether it is said or unsaid. He should just own up to it and make that case to the American people. America is craving Leadership and part of strong leadership is believing "I am the best person for this job." (Contrary to what Fred Thompson might say.)