Friday, January 18, 2008

Time for a Multi-Party American Political System?

This is not really "news", as the poll came out in July of 2007. But in light of the generally disarray and the appetite of the voters for "Change" (without a clear idea of what they want to change to) it seems relevant. A recent Zogby poll shows that most Americans - even a large number of those in the two parties - are ready for a multi-party political system.

The newsletter survey also shows that, by a wide majority, most Americans are displeased with the current two–party political system. Two out of three adults – 67% – said they were dissatisfied with the Democrat–versus–Republican dominated system, while just 31% said they were happy with it...

Asked if they thought a system that included more political parties would make the country’s politics better, 53% agreed. Liberals were more interested in new options, the poll shows – 64% of liberals said more parties would improve the system, compared to just 38% of conservatives who said the same thing. Among Democrats, 58% said they believed more parties would improve the system, compared to just 38% of Republicans who agreed. Among independents, 64% agreed more political parties would help.
This plays to the dream of the so-called "Unity08 Party" which wants to run Mike Bloomberg. However, it sounds to me like people are more interested in parties that really reflect their own views. One wonders if it is time for serious third parties like the Constitution and Green parties to start looking for coalitions that can truly challenge the entrenched system.

Then again, I think I said the same thing the last time around, and no third party was a significant factor.

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