Sunday, February 10, 2008

At Hillary Clinton Rally, WHO is the next president?

This one has got to hurt

The candidate was more than an hour late, and the crowd, stuck in a stuffy high school gym in Arlington, was getting antsy. A campaign staffer took the stage with a big pile of T-shirts to give to those who answered trivia questions about Hillary Clinton.

Her birthplace? Got it. Her law school? Piece of cake. How much of the country would Clinton's health plan cover? "All," came the answer. Okay, final question: "This person is the next president of the United States . . ."

Suddenly, all around me, the bleachers in the Washington-Lee High School gym shook with shouts of "Obama!"
One must wonder if hope is lost, when a crowd ostensibly of your supporters is actually pulling for the other guy.

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