Saturday, February 09, 2008

It is official: Writers strike tenative deal

It has been officially announced now that the WGA has reached a tenative deal to end the strike, and bring back scripted TV and movies. The details can be found here. Now, it just remains to be seen if shows that were interrupted by the strike (HEROES, etc.) will be continued for a full season, or if networks will start work on the next season instead.


"Nick" said...

I think it's to late to finish this season. I seem to recall that pilot season (when they are shooing pilots for shows next season) is now, I think they will just start up next seasons shows. They already have a schedule mapped out, they have shows they've paid for, and they don't have episodes for shows like HEROES produced and finished yet (and probably can't get anything for another month or so even if they started now).

Sean said...

while that is true, by continuing and finishing seasons for some of the more popular shows, they can re-introduce those shows in april to lead into may sweeps with finales. this way the networks can gain back some of their lost revenue by having a strong sweeps month. this will also help to put the networks back in the good graces of their consumers by at least providing some closure for this season.

"Nick" said...

Or you can see what the pro's think:),0,7606966.htmlstory

Basically, the big hits that are easy to produce are back in the spring (no hope for the rest of the winter season). I did see that some of my fav's are probably dead or on the brink of death... to bad.