Wednesday, February 06, 2008

McCain wins big, Clinton/Obama essentially tied

In a reversal of the expectations of a few weeks back, John McCain appears to be headed towaed a clear nomination, but Clinton and Obama are tied and may be heading to a brokered convention after Super Tuesday failed to crown a Democratic front-runner. And California now becomes the big state for Conspiracy Theorists to focus on, after widespread reports of problems with ballots and/or the ability to find a place to even vote.


CRCHAIR said...

Unfortunately, I now believe that Romney can not beat McCain. A look at the results from Super Tuesday show that the only person who was able to beat McCain when they both were competing hard in a state was Mike Huckabee. I'm not saying that I would now support Huckabee or McCain, but I don't think Mitt can beat McCain in the long run.

Nomad said...

If I were the GOP chairman, my next step is NOT to figure out how to help McCain but to figure out how to make Republicans come to the polls even if they hate McCain. A huge advertising campaign is needed to get across the message to Conservatives that staying home won't hurt McCain so much as it hurts all the OTHER candidates up for election to Congress. And if Republicans lose big in Congress and the Presidency, they're in for a long time wandering in the Wilderness.

Sean said...

i still think it's possible for romney to win. unfortunately the results last night make people feel like it's impossible. mccain is only half way to the nomination, that means that if conservatives really start hitting hard on voting romney and not huckabee or mccain, they can get it done. as we say in sports, it's still a mathematical possibility - and after seeing the giants win on sunday i have to believe that it's possible for romney to win as well.

"Nick" said...

The dirty little secret is that 60 some % of the voters did NOT vote for McCain in most states. Yes, some Huckabee supporters would go to him, but I think alot would not.

McCain is in a bad position, with most conservatives against him, he is winning based on a plurality, which is not a good position to be in when it comes to winning a general election.

And for all his talk of "I'm a conservative" most aren't buying it, and he has proven that if anything he will move left after the nomination, making them dislike him more.

I agree with Sean, McCain won big, but he won mostly liberal states. If Romney can stay in, he may have a chance because there are more conservative states coming up. McCain isn't as far along as the media would like us to think.