Thursday, February 07, 2008

We All Hate Robocallers

After last weekend, when our house was deluged by early-morning robocallers, I am not beginning to suspect the Evil Robots from The Matrix and The Terminator movies did not come from military hardware after all, but political phone banks. I was amused to find this piece today from a political reporter.

The setting: the Green household, Washington, D.C. The scene: late morning, my baby daughter is dosing off after having read “Good Dog, Carl” for the 432 time today. The phone rings. It’s Hillary Clinton--actually, a pre-recorded tape of Hillary Clinton, soliciting our vote.
Baby’s nap abruptly ends.
An hour later, the phone rings. It’s Bill Clinton this time. Same drill, same ruined nap. An hour later: sobbing hysterics have finally yielded to sweet sleep.
The phone rings. The baby wakes up.
It’s Jack Nicholson (!?) calling on behalf of Hillary Clinton.
I am almost at the point of canceling our landline phone, in order to stop being bothered by these calls. The problem is, I know as soon as we do that, politicos will start calling cell phones, sending text messages, or sending out androids to knock on doors in the dead of the night to "get the message out."

John McCain, if you want REAL campaign finance reform, how about banning robocallers? Then, we can also solve the Recession by giving jobs to thousands of HUMANS being paid to make these calls instead. There you go, Campaign Finance Reform and a Stimulus Package in one easy bill.

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shadwomom1 said...

How about outlawing solicitation calls before 10:00 AM on weekends! (Just a BIT of sarcasm here.)