Friday, February 08, 2008

Writers Strike Ends?

Mike Eisner is now claiming a deal has been reached and the Writers Strike is at an end. The deal was allegedly negotiated last Friday and will be presented to the rank-and-file writers guild members tomorrrow.

"A deal has been made, and they'll be back to work very soon," Eisner said, adding, "I know a deal's been made. I know it's over."

Eisner did not elaborate on terms of the agreement. He said he expects most of the media companies affected by the strike to have "small" write-downs as a result of the deal. Eisner said the deal was struck last Friday.
If true, this should be very good news for television especially. While it has been interesting to see the level of creativity on THE DAILY SHOW and other shows, it will be nice to see some NEW content for a change. Of course, even if the deal is agreed to immediately, it will still be a few months before we see the results of new writing and filming, except on the daily comedy shows.

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shadwomom1 said...

I don't care. But I have actually been weaned off of some of my TV viewing. Not a bad thing for me, but bad for the industry, if others have had the same experience.