Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liberals Coming to Hillary Realization

At a time when the Hilary Clinton Campaign was gaining some momentum after the flap over Barak Obama's pastor, she went and squandered her opportunity with her recent statements about her Bosnia trip in the 1990s. Even reporters who are not considered conservative realize what a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean. Anderson Cooper of CNN made the following comment:

"The Bosnian episode is a watershed event, because it indelibly brings to mind so many examples of this tendency– from the White House years and, worse, from Hillary Clinton’s take-no-prisoners presidential campaign. Her record as a public person is replete with “misstatements” and elisions and retracted and redacted and revoked assertions… "

How can Hillary survive when even the liberals don't want to see her and what she represents back in the White House.


Nomad said...

I agree with all that you say in this post.

Suricou Raven said...

She has one very powerful thing in her favour - the absolute conviction that she should be president. She has been very vicious in her campaign against Obama, and its clear that she thinks nothing of using every low, dirty, cheating trick she knows to get ahead. She couldn't win fairly, but she has no intention of trying.

Nomad said...

SR, I think you have nailed it on that one. HC has decided that being president is the most important thing in her life, and will sacrifice anything (well, except Chelsea) to achieve that. She would even sacrifice the Dem's chance to win in November, if needed to ensure a win for herself in 4 years.

Sean said...

[[ She would even sacrifice the Dem's chance to win in November, if needed to ensure a win for herself in 4 years. ]]

It would be interesting to see how forgiving dems are if she does what you say. Would they forgive her and welcome her with open arms or would they give her the John Kerry welcome (e.g. we've given you a chance now go home and rot out of our sight).

Ward said...

I do believe that her strategy right now is "Me or McCain." And I think she believes that the people will vote for her in 2012 because she is expecting to say, "See, I told you so!" and have the Dems believe her. But, I have a feeling that such a strategy will most likely backfire. Consider how much she has already tarnished her and her husband's name even among the most liberal people in this country (The only ones who still supporter her anyway.)