Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NY Governor still possible out for Hillary?

A little while back when Elliot Spitzer admitted his affair, I suggested that perhaps this offered a way out for Hillary Clinton from the Presidential race. Leaving the race to take over as governor of New York State would be a way to save face and not have to consider herself the loser of the primary. And it would solidify Democratic control of both a major state and (perhaps) the White House. But, this idea wilted on the vine in light of the accolades for the first minority, disabled governor of New York was widely lauded by Democrats.

But now, things are a-changing.


Governor Patterson has had to admit to multiple affairs, drug use, and other criminal acts. None (yet) have been lethal to his fledgling political career. But it may only be a matter of time before New Yorkers have had enough and either call for impeachment, or drive him to resignation. If so, it opens another possible window for Hillary Clinton to exit the race without declaring defeat. Who knows?

Then again, Senator Clinton has not yet shown the ability to recognize an opportunity to retreat.

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CRCHAIR said...

I agree with all that you say in this post.