Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton wins PA by 10 points

You couldn't tell it by the signage we saw down in Hershey, PA last week - Obama had over twice as many signs up, although Ron Paul beat them all - but apparently the former First Lady had a huge upswell of support. CNN is calling her the winner in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary by 10 points.

I still say the Dems are crazy if they do not nominate Barack Obama. But no one ever accused the Democratic (or Republican) party of an overabundance of logic or intelligence. Politics is politics.


shadowmom1 said...

160,000 of the voters were Republicans who registered to vote in the Dem primary. Probably most of these went to Hillary, Rush's Operation Chaos.

"Nick" said...

So the final number was slightly lower thatn 10%, only 8.5... either way, not enough to kill Obama, and he is polling really well in the next couple states... But it was enough to keep her in the race.

This is a crazy political season...