Saturday, April 05, 2008

If antibiotic resistant was not bad enough... some bacteria has developed the ability to live off of nothing BUT antibiotics. No, I am not kidding. For now, this is just soil bacteria, but it is common for different kinds of bacteria to exchange genetic material.

"Many bacteria in many different soil isolates can not only tolerate antibiotics, they can actually live on them as their sole source of nutrition," Church said in an audio interview on the journal's Web site.
Other researchers have found antibiotic-eating strains of bacteria, but Church's study is among the most systematic. It offers more clues about why bacteria quickly develop resistance to antibiotics, and why drug companies must constantly develop new antibiotics to defeat them.
This is why doctors try to AVOID prescribing antibiotics for illnesses that do not require it. If you are someone who asks for them for every sniffle, you may be creating a world where antibiotics are of no help to your children or grandchildren.

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