Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Part 2 of the Star Wars Video Game Retrospective

Most of these games were in the time of the SNES which was mostly a black hole for my video game career. I came back into it with the original Playstation. But now I am itching to dig out an SNES to play some of these!


Bow said...

Where is xwing and tie fighter for PC? These are 2 of the best games ever!!!

CRCHAIR said...

I was surpised that I had played less of these games than I thought I would have.

Ward said...

I agree with BH...There was a lot missing. It seems they didn't touch on anything outside of the Trilogy. There were tons of Fighter games from X-wing to Tie Fighter to Rebel Assault. Then add in all the Kyle Katarn stuff and the extras like Battlefront and Knights of the Old Republic (Plus the sequels and spin-offs from that) and this documentary seems woefully inadequate. I can only hope that they get to those in a later segment.