Monday, April 07, 2008

Philosophy on the rise in Colleges

I don't know how many Mod-Blog readers know that I was a philosophy major in college. I started out in Physics and learned in my Sophomore year that I did not want to spend the rest of my life eating, breathing, and thinking Mathematics 24/7. Philosophy - augmented by mathematics and computer science - turned into a major for learning LOGIC, which has been invaluable to my career in Information Technology.

In an age where NONE of my friends got a job in the area they majored in, doesn't it make sense to choose a major which prepares you for LIFE rather than for a particular field? Apparently, many, many college students are thinking the same way as philosophy departments across the country are seeing a huge boom in enrollment.


Sean said...

Actually, Ward got a job in the field he majored in. But, I see your point and I tend to agree as my religion major and theology masters degree are not being used for what they intended. Mostly it's the logic and analytical thinking skills I gained from those degrees that I use now.

Nomad said...

Sean, I agree and you're right that there are exceptions to the rule. But I have been amazed by how common it is that majors and jobs have no relation. I was most stricken talking to my I/T friends to find out how few had majors related to technology. Only those who had attended technical colleges seemed to reliably remain in the field they had chosen.