Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tony Snow jumps to CNN

CRChair and I were discussing this weekend he increasing irrelevance of FoxNews, and traced back its fall from the departure of Tony Snow from the news team. Prior to that - at leas in my own view - they were usually fairly balanced in their coverage and were taken about as seriously as CNN or ABCNews or the other major players. Since then, they have embraced their critics charged and become largely a hit-squad for the Right and a purveyor or celebrity scandal. Not something I am eager to watch or visit on the web.

Now, apparently, Tony Snow is back... but at CNN! Perhaps he has the same view I do of his former news network home? Too bad. We could have used the old FoxNews in this cycle.


Sean said...

or maybe he was just offered a better deal.

Nomad said...

True. But with Snow's history, you'd think FoxNews would have paid whatever it took to get him back. He was THEIR mouthpiece for so many years, it has to be embarrassing to see him working for CNN.

shadowmom1 said...

I am glad he is well enough to start something new. I don't watch CNN now, but may begin, if I can know when he will be on.

"Nick" said...

I think it also speaks to CNN seeing a need to reach out to conservative viewers.

I'm surprised they hired him, you'd think his integrity as a journalist would be questioned because of his position as press secretary to Bush.