Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Russert: It's Over, Obama is the Nominee

Last night, the vote counts appear to show a large margin of victory for Obama in North Carolina (15 points or more) and a small win for Clinton in Indiana (less than 5 points). This has lead Tim Russert to finally declare it is over and Obama is the nominee. Apparently, Senator Clinton has cancelled all public appearances for a few days while she reviews the results and considers her next steps. The question now is, will she concede, or will this fight be taken all the way to the Convention floor. We all know the Clintons are capable of deciding to use every dirty trick to try and overturn the results, but doing so would likely destroy the Democratic Party in the near term. Can she put the good of her party ahead of herself?

It could be an interesting week for politics-watchers.


BowHunter said...

DId the Rush factor really give Hill 7 points? That would be interesting.

shadowmom1 said...

It gave her the Indiana win. Loads of Republicans voted in that one. I'm not sure of North Carolina.