Friday, May 09, 2008

They Won't Accept Help

Showing again that some countries just won't let others help, the military government of Myanmar has seized UN relief shipments into their country which has forced the UN to stop sending in more food and supplies. The Government has not given a reason to the UN yet, but the company line for why the government is not accepting other types of help is "We can handle our own situation better with out others." It makes you wonder what the government is hiding.


Sean said...

My wife and I have friends that are missionaries in that area, so we've been very aware of everything that goes on in Burma for some time now. The government is run by a bunch of generals that ended up in power by way of a coup. Since then they've oppressed every people group in the country and are guilty of countless human rights violations. I'm pretty sure that is what they're hiding.

If other countries get in and see how bad things are, then it's going to be hard to get them out and it'll be hard for the government keep the fragile hold on control they already have.

If you want to know more, check out the US Campaign for Burma

Anonymous said...

one wonders if this is a moral imperative for the US to "invade" the country to force the junta out. This could be a justifiable invasion. One which most Americans would support if the facts were presented clearly.

Sean said...

That is an interesting thought, that I've gone over a couple of times in my head. I could certainly understand the rational for doing so - it would be very similar to the rational for taking out Sadam - though this particular government is not dangerous to the US or any of its allies.

If we were not in Iraq right now, I could see this being able to fly, but I sense that the general population is war-ed out, even if it is for an entirely just cause.