Friday, May 16, 2008

Visualizing 9/11

Warning, while there is nothing graphic about this video, some may wish to not view it as the visuals are quite intense. It gives some sense for what it would have been like to be inside the WTC when the planes hit on 9/11/01.


Anonymous said...


How does sheet aluminium slice through the structural steel in each of the massive core columns ???

If I slam a Coke can into a steel post will it slice through the steel post ???

Of course not, it's already been proved that Thermate was used

glen said...

Try thickening the coke and fire it at the steel pole at a good fraction of the speed of sound with several TONS of momentum behind it.

Lead is pretty soft, too, but it'll pierce a steel car door when fired from a gun.

I dunno if there is a cover-up going on, but c'mon. At least give an objection that stands up to the facts any idiot (me) knows from watching Mythbusters.