Thursday, June 26, 2008

And My Political Leaning Would Be????

I find this funny. I am most likely the furthest right-leaning poster here on Mod-Blog and yet of the three quizzes I range from close to right all the way to just left of center. And yes, I did take/retake these three quizzes around the same time so it's not just that my views are getting more and more one way.


Sean said...

Link please :D

quizwedge said...

Link to the quizzes? They were all quizzes on Facebook, so not sure how much help they'd be.

quizwedge said...

The Washington Post one appears to be Facebook only:

World's Smallest Political Quiz:

The Political Compass:

Sam said...

I've taken the third quiz in the sequence and it places me no where near the area I generally associate with. My hubby has commented that that particular one is skewed because most of the conservative types we know (in real life) who take it come out as something else entirely. It makes certain assumptions about what is "conservative" that aren't necessarily true.