Monday, June 09, 2008

Apple WWDC Skinny

The short version of the WWDC keynote:
- 3G iPhone with GPS comes July 11. $199 for 8 GB, $299 for 16 GB
- iPhone 2.0 Firware & App Store come out "Early July" (presumably concurrent with 3G iPhones), Free for iPhone, $1.99 for iPod Touch
- Lots of good apps already out there for the App Store, including games and productivity
- .Mac is now MobileMe and brings AJAX versions of Mail, Contacts, iCal, etc. to the web, including "Push"
- "Push" functionality coming for all App Store apps in September

Which rumors turned out to be false?
- Video iChat on the iPhone 3G
- Mac Nano rumors
- 32 and 64 GB iPhone Rumors
- Project (RED) iPhones

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