Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 Download Day

I am surprised I am the first Mod-Blogger to post this, since I seem to use Firefox the least (I prefer Safari overall). But today is Firefox 3 Download Day, when the Firefox team is hoping to have a record number of downloads of their newly-released Version 3.0.


The downloads should be available starting at 1:00 PM EST. If you are a Firefox user, please consider downloading as a statement on the free nature of the internet. But be aware, Firefox 3 has some significant changes from 2, interface-wise.


Sean said...

I was going to mention it, but as the downloads weren't available, I didn't see the point.

I've been using FF3 since beta 1 and I love it. The memory leaks seem to be under control. Most people say that they're gone, but I still think one or two persist - based upon watching the amount of memory the program uses. This doesn't affect me too much as I have taken to the practice of quitting the program when I'm not using it. It's faster than FF2 and the 'awesome bar' - the re-imagined address bar - is quite cool.

If you use FF2 you should without delay upgrade to FF3. UNLESS you have an indispensable add-on that hasn't been upgraded to be useable in FF3.

Nomad said...

I was able to download Firefox via this link: ftp://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0/

Otherwise, all the websites seem to be down, overloaded.

b said...

got it, like it

CRCHAIR said...

I downloaded to 4 different computers.