Friday, June 13, 2008

Give me a POSITIVE REASON to vote for you

It is no secret that I am not a fan of John McCain. I have posted several of the articles that make me wonder about the man. But there is something else that destroys any attempt I make to get interested in the election for his sake. He has never given me a positive reason to vote for him. Consider the last 5 e-mails I got about this election which tried to motivate me to vote for John McCain:

1. Vote McCain or else Iraq will fail.
2. Vote McCain or Iran will get a nuke.
3. Vote McCaon or taxes will go up.
4. Vote McCain or the economy will stagnate.
5. Vote McCain or abortion will never be overturned.

Not one which says "Vote McCain because he has this GREAT idea to change the world."

Let's face the facts that every reasonable American knows. If Barack Obama (or Hillary Clinton, if Obama stumbles) wins the presidency, America will survive. It will even improve in some ways, because America always advances - sometimes because of politicians, sometimes in spite of them. It is no horror to have a Democrat in the White House. And there are positive effects to showing that the reins of power do not last long in one set of hands in our nation. The peaceful transfer of power may be expected in this age, but it was not long ago that it was nearly unheard-of.

Obama brings many positive reasons to vote for him: a new approach to foreign policy, a focus on economic issues, a chance for the next step in racial reconciliation. If John McCain wants to win, he needs to start bringing out the positive reasons to vote for him, as well. Otherwise, he may have convinced me NOT to vote for Obama, but he sure won't have motivated me to get out of my chair in November to bother to cast a vote for him.


"Nick" said...

Pretty much describes how I feel.

This election is about Obama. Will people accept him, or reject him? McCain will get most of the "reject" votes, but he has done nothing to get people to vote FOR him.

CRCHAIR said...

Here's a positive reason to vote for McCain...I'm positive Barak Obama will try to tax oil companies more which we all know will just push up the price of gas more.


quizwedge said...

McCain also wants to implement a new tax structure that, I believe, is supposed to be more simple. It'll be optional... you can use the old tax structure if you prefer, but I believe the idea is that the new tax structure will make enough sense for people that the old tax structure will be phased out.

Nomad said...

CRChair, That sounded so much like MyDogCaeser, it was scary. :-)

Ward said...

I can't see a reason to vote for anyone running at the moment.

Ward said...

I can't see a reason to vote for anyone running at the moment.

shadowmom1 said...

John McCain will use good judgement in the war on terror.
He will not let America be bullied.
He will respect our military and not let it be depleted.
He will allow the military experts to control much of how the military operations will go. He will not bow in these things to political pressure.

I think Obama is just a pretty face with an engaging style, no substance. At least no substance I can agree with! Many will vote for him just because America is ready to have a black president, not because he is the right one for the job.

Glen said...

Shadowmom, Define "good judgement". Do you feel Bush had "good judgement" in Iraq?