Thursday, June 12, 2008

John McCain: I never learned how to double-click!

I have been discussing with some Mod-Bloggers offline how dissatisfied I am with John McCain as a candidate. There are lots of little reasons, but still I have to admit he represents my views better than any of the alternatives.

But I am really scared to be considering voting for a man in the 21st century who admits he is a "computer illiterate." Especially as a techie who is afraid of the loss of freedom on the internet.


bowHunter said...

Oh Mit, how typical a political answer. "One word answers"

Sean said...

If only he took one or two of those unemployment classes he's so in support of, he might understand a computer

quizwedge said...

I'm somewhat worried too, but I'll feel fine if McCain picks a VP and/or cabinet member(s) that both understands the issues and that McCain will actually listen to.