Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Local Superheroes?

As I have been getting into biking, I have been exploring the blogsphere for sites that strike that balance between "fun" and "useful info". One of the more interesting ones I have discovered is The Beat Bike Blog which is run by a bicycle enthusiast who lives in Hartford, CT (about 1/2 hour from where I work).

Currently, they are having a fun discussion that Mod-Bloggers may want to check out on the lack of small-city superheroes. The author notes that the vast majority of heroes work in New York City, Los Angeles, or a similar large city. This leaves out smaller cities like Hartford or Dover, Delaware, and leaves the suburbs almost entirely unprotected unless Peter Parker is invited over to Jonah Jameson's barbecue in White Plains. They also note, however, that more super-villains appear to accommodate this policy by locating themselves also in big cities.

If your small town or small city needed a superhero, what kind would it have?


BowHunter said...

Sidewalk Man! He would remind my local government that it is their job to create and maintain infrastructuctre and not to run historical programs and low-income housing projects. My sidewalk is a mess! The Mayor (or first selectmen or whatever) told me to fix it my self it I didn't like it... he even threatened me if I didn't stop complaining about it. He said that he had the power to condemn my sidewalk and force me to repair it. If I refused to pay for the repair he would put a lean on my house. My local super hero would kick his ass an then fix our sidewalks.

shadowmom1 said...

I like the one in the picture that accompanies this post!

I do think Bowhunter's town needs someone to humble his town leader.

"Nick" said...

I agree (I live in the same town as Bowhunter).

Maybe we should start a 527 group and lobby to get them fixed?:D