Friday, June 13, 2008

Mac OS 10.6 "Snow Leopard" Details

Slashdot has up details on Mac OS 10.6, code named "Snow Leopard". Includes is iCal, Address Book and Mail Exchange support. The one thing that people are complaining about is that there is no NTFS support... something I hadn't thought about in my thoughts on using an Intel Mac for my Windows work. Supposedly there are third party drivers that you can buy though.


Nomad said...

Last I heard, MacOS X can read NTFS just fine, but not write to it. This is due to a driver issue which Microsoft has been unwilling to fix without Apple paying a large licensing fee, I believe. Other share types seem to mount and work normally.

But I have not tried it myself.

quizwedge said...

Found an actual for-sale product:

and instructions on how to use a free experimental product:

Personal, for my peace of mind, I'd spend the $40 and get the non-experimental product.