Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sometimes I feel like this is happening in my office. Unfortunately without the NERF guns.


Nomad said...

For a major project about 3 years back now, they moved my team out of the I/T central office to an isolated section of a separate building. We were insulated from customers by 2 locked (pass card secured) doors. It was GREAT. We actually had a few wars kind of like this when the stress got too high, and it was a wonderful way to get out all the tension.

Then, of course, we finished the project and moved back to the I/T home office, and now we can't even do dress-down Fridays. The tension is MUCH higher.

quizwedge said...

wow... someone spent a lot of money on Nerf weapons... not that I'd know anything about that. :)

runawaybox said...

thanks for posting our video! we're glad you enjoyed it!


BowHunter said...

that was great! I loved the packing peanuts "guts"