Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Senator Clinton set to admit Obama is the nominee tonight

The Hillary Clinton campaign is letting it be known that she plans to use tonight's speech in New York to effectively end her campaign for president, and declare Obama the nominee...


...what is interesting is that she is specifically avoiding using the word "concede", and her aides indicate that she will NOT "suspend" the campaign or declare it actually "over". She appears to be positioning herself for the strongest bargaining position possible for a cabinet position in an Obama administration (maybe VP) or to jump back in if some scandal breaks which derails the Illinois Senator before the Convention.

I think I speak for most Americans - Democratic, Republican, or Other - when I say "Finally." I am ready for a few weeks without political news to catch my breath before the run-up to the Fall Conventions. But I do expect CNN, FoxNews, and others to try to keep their ratings up with speculation about Hillary supporters sabotaging Obama in the election (even though I suspect most will either hold their nose and vote for the big O, or will simply stay home).

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