Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some unforgettable advertisements

I create ads everyday, but nothing like this.  I suspect most of these ads were not in the US, which makes me wonder why that is.  Nonetheless, enjoy the ads.

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CRCHAIR said...

I've seen the BMW of Bridgeport advertisement many times as it was located very close to where I work.

Nomad said...

Another sign of my terminal geekiness. The thing I noticed most from this post was the "Posted by Flock Browser" tag. :-)

Sean said...

@nomad I'm trying Flock at home. It's nice to have all my social things (RSS, Flickr, Twitter, etc...) in one place. Unfortunately the twitter sidebar isn't working right now since twitter changed the api settings. Nonetheless, it's neat and it's got FF3 as its base - at least the beta I'm working with does.

@crchair - I wondered if that was Bridgeport CT.

Nomad said...

@Sean (what does @ mean in this instance?) What is your name at Twitter? I tried hacking around to find you, but did not see any recent tweets from the usual suspects.

Sean said...

the @ sign in this instance is a pointer to that particular user. twitter uses it for direct messaging, so if you were on twitter and i tweeted @nomad you would get the tweet and nobody else would. i think in forum environments it's come to mean a similar thing - pointing to a user as a reply.

my twitter handle is spdean.