Thursday, June 26, 2008

Supremes approve Individual Gun Rights

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has formally endorsed the right of individuals to own guns.

This is the first time that the Court has formally recognized the right outside of a "well-formed militia." It has the potential to significantly change the debate over local gun laws in America.


"Nick" said...

I wouldn't say "Approve". They simply recognized that it means that and reiterated it. Scalia was pretty clear in his analysis:)

Nomad said...

There were two views of the Second Amendment prior to this ruling:

1. It applied ONLY to guns as part of a "well-ordered militia". i.e. Any citizen not acting in a military or policing capacity has no fundamental right to own a gun.

2. It applied to all adult citizens, with reasonable restrictions for criminals and those unfit to control a weapon.

They endorsed the second view, and did so clearly. This will be significant. I don't think you can say that "endorse" (you said "approve", but I assume you mean "endorse" from my post) is the wrong word.

"Nick" said...

No, I said Approve, and I meant Approve. From the post title:)

Endorse is fine. I'd use "adopt" (which is normal SCOTUS language) or "recognize".