Monday, June 23, 2008

Teen Pregnancy and Abortion

An article about the upswing of student pregnancies at Gloucester (Massachusetts) High School has me thinking about pop culture and the current impact on abortion. Since Roe v. Wade, pop culture has been pushing the mantra, "pregnant and don't want to be, get rid of it". With the rise in celebrity pregnancies and movies about less than ideal pregnancy situations, could the upswing be that abortion becomes less tolerated by our nation? Or are we moving towards an era where teens get pregnant and have babies because they're "fun" and college+ adults get abortions because they're "convenient".


BowHunter said...

I think that this analysis it interesting but... not for this situation. These kids are having babies not sex! Abortion is a crime of connivence, this story is about a need for love. These kids wanted to have babies to bring meaning to their lives, to be loved and to love. This is not about a lowered tolerance for abortion, this is about a far deeper and more disturbing trend than selfish killing. This is about a search for purpose that is self-destructive and empty.

Nomad said...

I agree with BH on this one. Kids having babies in order to feel "grown up" is a sign of their own parents not explaining how the world works. Childhood is too short and precious as it is. Having a child at 14 or 15 robs you of the little that is left.