Friday, June 27, 2008

Today is Bill Gate's last day at Microsoft

Apparently, today is "Gold Watch Day" for the King of Windows. After this, he moves onto full-time work at his charitable foundation, and the sidelines to watch and see how Microsoft survives without his guiding hand. Windows Vista does not bode well for a Steve Balmer-directed MS, but then again a power vacuum at the top gives new geniuses a chance to jump in and get their ideas heard.

Between this and the recent speculation over Steve Jobs's health, it is time to start wondering what the "Next Generation" of technology CEOs will look like. Will they be in new companies like Facebook and Digg, or will be see second-generation "princes and princesses" stepping into the shoes of these giants? It is due to be a bumpy ride on Wall Street as we jump into this unknown territory.

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