Saturday, July 05, 2008

Biking Update - July 5, 2008

Weight Log as of July 3, 2008Last weekend, after the last post, we headed over to the Trumbull, CT Trail with Nick and Nora with the intent to ride the whole thing. At the very start of the trail, it is a very short steep climb up from Tait Road. I approached the climb and took a very sharp turn - in fact far TOO sharp - and wound up tangling myself up in my own legs and fell to the side. I tried to fight the fall and thus wound up trying to bend my knee sideways. That pretty much ended the trip, so we went to see WALL-E instead.
Shelton CT Fireworks (July 2, 2008)
The sprain or strain was honestly not too bad. I could walk on it immediately afterward, but it hurt quite a bit to bend and the lateral stability was simply not much there. So, my week started off with a day of no exercise and then a slow working back up to a full ride. Perhaps for this reason, or maybe something else I missed, I am pretty much flat this week weight-wise. I am no worse than last weekend, but also no better. It is a little depressing, but everyone who has ever lost a lot of weight has said that it is all about consistency and that slow but steady wins the race. We'll see, but it is my intent to stay with it. The one exception will be tomorrow - my birthday - as I plan to go to a restaurant I enjoy and have whatever I want.

Riding the Trumbull Trail (July 4, 2008) - 03The best news is that at the end of the week - Friday, July 4 - we rode that same Trumbull Trail with Mr. and Mrs. Bowhunter. (Nick and Nora were out of town exploring the Revolutionary City of Boston.) We rode pretty much the whole thing - 9.1 miles - and my knee felt just fine at the end. I am still wearing a knee brace for exercise times. But it is all moving very well now. Here is hoping I will have more good news next weekend.

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