Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fuzzy math

I found this interesting.  Apparently text messaging isn't the best deal on the web - if you don't have an unlimited plan.  Basically text messages on AT&T cost $1,310.72 per megabyte (6,553.6 text messages at $0.20 each).  Hmmm.... and the reason Sean doesn't text message is?

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CRCHAIR said...

I prefer text messaging to phone calls. Usually I can get across what needs to be said more quickly and then the other person can answer at their convenience. Many of my friends don't have access to e-mail at work so this is the next logical form of communication for something that doesn't have to be answered "now".

Nomad said...

That is the same problem I have. If I were only contacting CRChair, we could use e-mail or maybe an alternative like Twitter. But the only "alerted arrival" method to communicate with Verizon or Sprint users is SMS.

As of now, I plan to pay the $5 for 200 text messages for the iPhone 3G.