Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mod-Blog Mish-mash: Oscars and retirement

Rather than write two short posts I'm going to write one medium one, which we can discuss in the comments.  I've been thinking about both of these items for some time and hopefully they make some sense.

If you've spent any time looking at movie news websites over the last 4 months then you've probably heard some chatter about how Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight.  For as long as I've heard this talk I've thought it was foolish simply because most of it is sentimentality based upon his death and not the performance (which VERY few people have seen completely at this point).  This article summarizes my opinion quite well. Beware there is a little spicy language in the article.

Secondly, recently there's been a lot of chatter about Bret Farve coming out of retirement to play another season.  First off, is it really retirement if he hasn't missed any part of a season?  Secondly, if you're going to retire - stay retired!  If you're not sure whether or not you're going to play the next season say that, don't have an elaborate press conference and with tears in your eyes say that you just don't have the will to play anymore.  I like Bret Farve, I think he's a genuinely great football player and probably a pretty good guy as well, but seriously stay away from football for 2 seasons before you start talking about how you 'got the itch again'.  This has happened a good number of times ever since Michael Jordan decided to retire from basketball to be a baseball player then not then a basketball player again, so I guess it's just a right of passage for superstars anymore, but it's quite annoying.  Let the fans grieve and move on.
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"Nick" said...

I have to point this out... it is pronounced "Farv" by everyone, but the correct spelling is "Favre":)

I agree... he retired, he should stay that way.

As for the Oscar... I think you are right. It's also the marketing machine for Dark Knight that is pushing the "best performance by Ledger" line.

I'm sure his performance is good. Villains are fun and are a great showy performance, especially Joker (look at Jack Nicholson's performance). Whether it's the best ever... meh. Probably not even Ledger's truly best, most challenging role.

But it is showy, and coming on his death... I can see people reacting that way. I am looking forward to the movie, and his performance in it.

Nomad said...

On the Ledger thing, I agree it should not be given merely because of the tragic circumstances around his death. But also don't deny him the thing just because it looks tacky. Let's all wait to actually SEE the film before making judgments.

On the retirement in sports thing, I tend to agree that one should wait to retire until you are ready, and then stay retired. It is hard enough for young guys to break into sports, without someone - even a superstar - stealing away one of the few open spots. I don't say it is not their right, or that the NBA was wrong to let Jordan back in. It is an issue of character for the player to say what they mean and mean what they say.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to fume for a while that .Mac and Me.Com are STILL down.

CRCHAIR said...

I think Brett Farve will stay retired. I think it is others who are spreading these rumors so that they will have things to write/talk about.