Saturday, November 22, 2008

Biking Update - November 21, 2008

Weight Graph for Nov 21, 2008This week's biking possibilities were sidelines by my old friend - influenza. It hit me hard last Thursday, Friday I had a reprieve, and then I was down for the count Saturday and have been slowly healing all this week. While I was not so sick by Monday that I could not have biked in July, in December - in the middle of a cooling trend - it was a bad idea. I also have been fighting some knee pain. Anyway, I have been using the Wii Fit as my main tool for exercise this week. It is generally low-impact and fun. And it has been sufficiently effective.

Autumn VibranceI started losing weight slowly again, and reached 227 this week and flirted with 226 but never actually had an "official" reading for the graph. I am hopeful of reaching 225 before Thanksgiving, so I have some cushion to eat turkey and associated carbolicious or sugary foods without having to worry about blowing by my target weight of 230. I have set a new target of 220 to reach by February, which seems doable and not insufficiently ambitious considering the upcoming holidays when my eating will not be entirely under my own control.

Next Saturday, I will be in Bath, NY celebrating Thanksgiving Weekend with my family. So I may or may not have an update for our readers. I am hoping to bring my bike up there, so if the snow holds off, I may have some pictures taken against the picturesque Upstate New York hills. We shall see.

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