Saturday, November 08, 2008

Biking Update - November 7, 2008

Weight Log for November 7. 2008Sigh. Well, another week without any biking. We had planned to bike last Saturday, but Biscuit had a toxic reaction to one of her new medications and we spent the whole day with her in the hospital. Sunday was quiet, but not conducive to biking. And now it is too dark to bike in the evenings safely. So... no biking. I am hoping to get in a few last miles this weekend, but tomorrow rain is predicted so it may or may not happen. Of course, I am getting in PLENTY of miles on the stationary bike. But it is just not the same.

The other news is - no surprise to those who follow the blog - Biscuit died on Tuesday. After almost a month of weekly visits to the hospital, Mom called her regular veterinarian (rather than the emergency ones) and he gave us some plain talk. Biscuit was critically ill, suffering, and was not going to get any better. At that point, Mom decided it was time to end her suffering. Tuesday, at 9:30 AM, she was given the injection and quietly passed into eternity. We have no regrets about this, but we miss her terribly.

Not much else to report. My weight was basically flat this week, hovering within 1 lb of my goal weight of 230 lbs. I am hoping that next week is better for weight loss.

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